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association moodboard for hal

association moodboard for nova

what’s up!

it’s sadie here for a few hours and needing to get my creative juices flowing (that sounds so much grosser than i wanted!)

i figured i could do some name association moodboards for a while if you want! (feel free to throw in sexuality/gender too to keep with the blog but it’s not necessary i guess)

can you make me a bi, floral, and yellow moodboard? thanks!!!

just posted!!!

yellow bisexual floral moodboard


The people who used to run this account are gone, it’s just me now.

Hi uh, sadie (the original creator) still here lurking. i’ve been gone recently due to personal reasons but should be back in small bursts lol.

lesbian dark witch moodboard

femme lesbian witch moodboard

this blog turned 1 yesterday!! that’s crazy! thanks for everything, this blog has done so much more than i ever thought it would when i just randomly made it last february.

bisexual photography moodboard