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Disclaimer: as of today, 11/11/18, I have NOT read any books in this thread, but I have 2 (they’ll be marked) I’m waiting on from Amazon~

I’ll update this list with more ace books I find

1. Let’s Talk About Love // Claire Kann
•ordered from Amazon


2. Tash Hearts Tolstoy // Kathryn Ormsbee


3. Radio Silence // Alice Oseman


4. We Awaken // Calista Lynne


5. How To Be A Normal Person // T.J. Klune
•ordered from Amazon+recc’ed to me by someone I know IRL


6. A Darker Shade of Magic // V.E. Schwab


7. The Asexual Equation // R.J. Seeley


8. Beneath the Citadel // Destiny Soria


9. The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy (#2 in a series) // Mackenzi Lee


10. Vanilla // Billy Merrell 

Brought to my attention by @melon-official, thank you!


11. 27 Hours (#1 in The Nightside Saga) // Tristina Wright

Brought to my attention by @diadelwalrus, thank you! 


12. The Memoirs Of Lady Trent (series) by Marie Brennan

Brought to my attention by @aravisthetarkheena !


No matter what, you’re acing it


💜 Russian Biromantic Ace Girl Moodboard for an Anon 💜

– Mod Vamp


Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction.

It isn’t:

Lack of sexuality.


A mental illness.

A problem.

Incapacity to love.

Aromanticism is the lack of romantic attraction.

It isn’t:

Lack of romantic orientation.

Incapacity to be in a relationship.

A mental illness.

A problem.

Incapacity to love.


Dear Ace people,

Are there any asexual people out there in the tumblrverse. I just discovered my sexuality and would like to talk about it with someone.


Reblog if you support aces










Hey y’all, with Asexual Awareness Week coming up (Oct 21-27th this year) here are a few things to remember!

Asexuals are part of the LGBTQ+ community

• Asexuality is real

Aces can choose not to celebrate/participate in any way

• Aces have every right to be proud of their identity

Aces are lgbt+ regardless of their romantic orientation.

• Aces aren’t “basically straight” or any other complaint exclusionists have

Asexuality is an orientation just like any other as well as a spectrum

• Greysexuals, Demisexuals, Cupiosexual, etc are all valid and also have a right to celebrate this week

Ace Men exist

• Nonbinary Aces exist

Not every Ace is Cis

• Exclusionists/Gatekeepers/etc are not welcome here

AroAces exist

• Ace WLW exist

Ace MLM exist

• Ace nblnb / nblm / nblw exist

Poc Aces exist

• Disabled Aces exist

Mentally ill Aces exist

• There are Aces of many different races/genders/ages/religions/etc

Whether you’re an Ace still struggling with their orientation or an Ace who’s proud, or any other type of Ace, Asexual Awareness Week is for you and you’re valid regardless.

Feel free to add on!

  • Some aces are sexually active
  • Nothing in the past “made” them asexual
  • Aces won’t “change” when they have sex

Aces are valid, but not LGBT. 🤷🏼‍♂️

If your going to reblog from me atleast realize that the blog you follow from is run by a bi ace woman. Who has the ace several ace flags in her background and has written in her about that ace and aro people are welcomed and maybe actually go out and contact an lgbtq group before making an opinion from a bunch of 14 year olds.

Oof okay so I wasn’t trying to be mean?? I was just stating an opinion. It’s not as if I’m saying aces are invalid or anything, just that they’re not inherently LGBT. Ace isn’t an orientation. And I’m not fourteen, nor are a majority of the people with the same belief as me. Don’t preach wrong information, that’s all I’m saying.

Your refusal to educate yourself on asexuality or acknowledge our actual existence isnt a opinion. You calling asexuality not an actual sexual orientation is not opinion. Its ignorance and bigotry. An opinion is saying you dont like coffee. So educate yourself before you start spewing misinformation.

Its asexual awareness week its people like you are the reason we have it. So actually educate yourself

Honestly asexuality is both a sexuality and not a sexuality if you think about it but this could be debated all you want im not taking sides BUT asexuals are extremely valid and should be treated like a member of the community.

Please read where it says Exlusionists/Gatekeepers/etc not welcome. That includes our blog and our posts. This post is to spread positivity, (which whatsnew-lgbtq was helping to do) not have anyone tell Aces that they’re not part of the lgbt community.

Please make your own post if you’d like to make exclusionist comments instead of commenting on one meant to spread positivity.

-Mod Elle


Aces are amazing


i have exposed the truth


What a lovely night to love and respect our aro/ace brothers and sisters