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everybody just latched onto “terf = enemy” and then never again put any thought into why that is, and what transmisogyny is, so they just make a big deal out of being an anti-terf instead of understanding the problem in the first place

Some stuff to know:

TERF – Trans Excluding/Erasing Radical Feminist:

Someone who believes that trans women are not women and don’t belong in women’s spaces. They believe that trans women are predatory cis men pretending to be women in order to have sex with lesbians.

SWERF – Sex Worker Excluding/Erasing Radical Feminist:

Someone who believes that sex workers (those who make money from pornography or prostitution) are not feminist / not valuable / should not be welcome in feminist / women’s spaces. They believe that women participating in pornography or prostitution are upholding patriarchy and damaging the feminist movement.

Truscum aka transmedicalists:

Someone who believes that you must experience body dysphoria in order to be trans. They also tend to be attached to the gender binary and erase or exclude anyone who does not conform to a male / female gender identity (genderfluid, non-binary, agender, bi-gender, etc)

Ace exclusionists:

Someone who believes that ace-spectrum people are not inherently LGBTQ+ and do not belong in LGBTQ+ spaces. They see ace people as secretly cis/straight invaders and leeches to LGBTQ+ programs and resources. They also tend to believe that the definition of LGBTQ+ centres around those who experience discrimination for same-sex attraction, and therefore ace folk do not belong.

Trans women are women.
Non-medical trnas people are trans.
Ace people are LGBTQIA+.

Know why we do not welcome these people.

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REblog if you are Asexual, support Asexuals, or spend most of your time actually thinking about Superheroes.

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Love Black Women

Protect Black Women

Elevate Black Women

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LGBT History Month – Lesbian Fiction

  • Oranges are Not the Only Fruit, by Jenette Winterson
  • Trumpet, by Jackie Kay
  • Tipping the Velvet, by Sarah Waters
  • The Well of Loneliness, by Radclyffe Hall
  • Curious Wine, by Katherine V. Forest
  • The Black and White of It, by Ann Allen Shockley
  • The Girl on the Stairs, by Louise Welsh
  • Kissing the Witch, by Emma Donoghue



What a lovely day to remember that both Aces and Aros belong in the LGBTQ+ community.



louisa may alcott, w. h. auden, jane austen, james baldwin, charlotte brontë, lord byron, truman capote, willa cather, emily dickinson, e. m. forster, langston hughes, christopher isherwood, henry james, federico garcía lorca, christopher marlowe, herman melville, edna st. vincent millay, wilfred owen, marcel proust, mary renault, arthur rimbaud, siegfried sassoon, william shakespeare, gertrude stein, alfred lord tennyson, henry david thoreau, walt whitman, oscar wilde, tennessee williams, virginia woolf

what do all these beloved classic authors have in common? that’s right. none of them were straight. not a one. every single author on this list experienced same-gender romantic attraction during their lives. literary tradition is a hundred times more queer than what your high school english class would ever let you know



A-spec mlm are absolutely amazing. Your attraction is good, normal, and valid. I’m so glad that you’re around.