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Orville Peck getting tied down by a sentient plant // Summertime



Look at me.


[Maya’s phone chimes]

C: No, no. Don’t do that!
M: Ohh. Four alarms?
C: Anything you can help with from a thousand miles away?
M: It’s a four-alarm fire. Th-They’re expecting it to get to five 


I wrote this song a long time ago and to me, Summertime has a few different meanings. Summertime can be a season, a person, or a memory of a happier time that can be difficult to visit. We also wanted the video to focus around the idea of how we treat nature. Ultimately this is a song about biding your time and staying hopeful—even if it means missing something or someone.


Michael asking Alex what he wants and Alex avoiding the answer.


M: Just had to call the station.

C: Okay. Then, um, all this and some fruity drinks will be waiting for you by the pool. 

M: Screw the station. 


End of the Century / Fin de Siglo (2019) dir. Lucio Castro


Six summers down, another dreamless night – you’re not by my side

Scratch on the moon like a familiar smile – stained on my mind

Some other town, someone else’s life – dead in the night

Orville Peck – Dead of Night


Station 19 – 3×11 – “If you can do more push-ups than me, you can buy us drinks. But if I can do more push-ups than you, you buy us drinks and then you leave us the hell alone.”