Four Words.


Just four words.

Four words are all I have to say.

“Hey guys, I’m trans”

It seems so easy.

Yet I can’t do it.

Cause those four little words would change everything.

For the better, and the worst.

I’m scared.

I’m scared they won’t accept me.

I’m scared they’ll hate me.

Because their ‘little girl is gone’.

Well, she was never there to begin with.

It was just a shell, hiding what was always true.

But even though I’m not your daughter, I promise to try and be the gentlemen you always wished she would meet.

So please call me he.

Please call me a brother.

Please call me a son.

Please call me a nephew.

Please just call me a boy.

So hopefully i can get those four words to come out of my mouth soon.

I want to live my life as I truly am.