Block this pedophile. These are messages he (2…


I’m sorry everyone but I cannot facilitate a place where there are pedophiles sending obscene messages to children. I wanted to create a safe place for underage sapphic girls but I feel like I really need to delete this blog for the safety of the those who submitted. 

To the girls who have sent messages reporting these people (especially the person who was brave enough to send me these screen caps) PLEASE do not feel responsible for my decision to delete this blog. You were the victims of the disgusting adults and THEY are to blame. THEY are the criminals who have ruined a place that was meant to be safe. But it is obviously not a safe place to be posting your personal info or pictures. 

If you have experienced similar abuse or harassment by someone online, please inform the police. Try to gather as much info/evidence from the person as possible. Ask for their kik or phone number so that can also be passed onto police. But ONLY do so if you feel safe. Do NOT give them YOUR phone number or other contact info. If they insist you give them your phone number first, just stop talking to them. Tell an adult you trust.

The most important thing is your safety. Never feel pressured into sending them pictures or personal info. If you EVER feel unsafe online, turn off your device. You don’t need to keep talking to them. You don’t need to be polite. You don’t owe them ANYTHING. Just block them and turn off your device. Please tell someone you trust. Or call a free helpline for kids (google this for your country).

Do NOT feel guilty for talking to a pedophile online. THEY are the perpetrator and they will try to guilt you into talking to them and sending pictures. Please remember that THEY are the adults and they are disgusting creeps. It is NOT your fault. Please be safe x