gael-garcia: I just wanna paint the town. I do…


I just wanna paint the town. I don’t wanna hide my love.
I just wanna hold your hand and be the one that you think of
When you need a holiday, when you wanna drink rosé
I just wanna paint your toes, and in the morning, kiss your nose
‘Cause when I’m with you, I don’t feel afraid. Maybe this love will indoctrinate
High I go with every word that you say. The way you feel, yeah, I feel the same way.
Remember the night when I combed your hair? I hope I didn’t freak you out when I stared.
I donate my truth to you like I’m rich. The truth is, love ain’t got no off switch.
So if the walls come tumbling down, and if the ocean really does drown, and if my memories never come back, I’ll still remember where we first was naked at.
Picture our faces and new oases. When we made love, we left many traces.

Janelle Monae & Tessa Thompson in Dirty Computer (2018)