Hi! I need some advice, please. I think I migh…

Hi! I need some advice, please. I think I might be bisexual. I'm a seventeen year old girl and I have had a boyfriend before, but I also feel rather attracted to girls. I believe I can't know for sure because I've never been in a relationship with one or something, I'm just really confused and I'm struggling to figure out if I'm truly bisexual or if I'm just imagining things .. Thank you!

Hey, sorry for the late reply!!

If you feel attracted to girls then you probably are somewhat bisexual. You don’t need to have kissed a girl to identify as bi. I do know how confusing it can be though! I was 20 before I realised I liked girls!

I personally believe that sexuality is not black and white. Yes, there are some people who are 100% hetero or 100% homo but most people sit somewhere in the middle. I don’t mean that all people are truly bisexual, but that far more people may be slightly attracted to certain people of the same gender even if they would never actually wish to have sex with them. Sexuality can be fluid and confusing (at least, that’s been my experience).