Hi there, I’m an adult female, and recen…

Hi there, I’m an adult female, and recently I’ve started to question if I am bisexual, but I’ve been in denial for awhile. The problem is that I’ve been in a relationship with a wonderful (non bigoted!) man for years. I don’t want to break up with him at all, but I feel like I don’t really belong in the bisexual crowd or should use that label if I’ve only ever been with a man. I would just appreciate any advice, thank you so much

A person can be straight without ever being with someone of the opposite sex, a gay person can know they are gay without being with someone of the same sex and you can totally use the bisexual label no matter who you have or have not had a romantic or sexual relationship with. 

When I first starting exploring my own sexuality, I met a woman who was engaged and assumed she was an ally who hung out at the GLBTQ centre. But she was openly bi and I thought it was really cool that she was out and proud even though she had never been with a woman and was engaged to be married to a man. She could easily have just stayed in the closet and made life easier for herself (this was in 2008).

But my point is that you are totally valid 🙂